Thursday, February 7, 2013

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The "Good Housekeeping" Theory

The good housekeeping Theory  - everything have a place, and everything  in its place!

 "Everything  we observe; we do so, to naturally understand."

"consciousness " is the building blocks of atoms!
If we look at an atom as a container which trap knowledge within an energy-field, then you will understand this theory.

The theory of good housekeeping contain the motive for "being".  It is the container of "truth"

It suggest, that creation, cannot be greater, than the imagination, that behold.

To understand the theory of good housekeeping, we must put ourselves within a position of understanding. This position is the position of "natural understanding".

Natural understanding is a hypothesis. We use our imagination to free ourselves from the dogma, that pollute understanding.

The symbol of consciousness is a pyramid. The power of the universe is not gravity, but consciousness! 

We can, and i want to emphasize it to you, that imagination is limitless, within this theory. If you want to understand, you must use this "tool" to free your mind. The tool is called "the tool of imagination".

"Imagination is a tool  that collect all understanding. It is not bias to fact or fiction."

This tool, gave rise to "the theory of good housekeeping"  It embrace all understanding, and it give us a "motive for being"

Because imagination is not bias, "there is no right or wrongs". It mean that everything you think right now, including  your doubt,  are all embraced by this theory.

"If you allow understanding, then you allow truth"

the singularity is the truth, and the truth is conscious of its situation! 

"This theory of good housekeeping allow your imagination to seek the truth."

We all have a basic need to organize ourselves in a position of comfort. Each day, we reach out in the hope that our position would change, and that we can rest assure that all will be well and happy. That every moment will be secure and safe, and that we can be content.

In nature, everything have found a balance or habitat. When you toss a rock into the air, it will come down, and rest within a position of understanding. In this way, small pockets of understanding find its way, and form part of our understanding. We call it natural events. We are happy with it, because we feel safe, and secure about the things we understand, and that it will always make sense. We create science, and we play with figures, pretty much like a juggler that entertain people, to show at what extremes we can understand things.

But then, there is the unknown, the consciousness, and we become unsure. There is things that bother us, things that remind ourselves that we are vulnerable, of which we do not understand. They do not fit within our scope of understanding. They are unnatural. They are unexplainable. The juggler missed, and his world tumble apart.

There is a will; beyond our understanding... a calling...

Even-though, earth had found a way, through billions of years of evolution, to "GOOD HOUSEKEEP",-to create its own little world, where everything have a place, and everything in its place, there are a consciousness among us, that cannot rest, that cannot sleep, because what we have, is far, far from the truth, because we have a natural talent to find home, to fly back from where we are, and we will not rest, until we are back.

I am talking quantum !

Sub atomic conscious particles trapped within the building blocks of reality! 

If anything can happen, it will. So....evolution have evolved a mind to free consciousness from the atomic prison. 

 Evolution haven found a way to create a brain, that unlock "knowledge" from atoms! 

THIS "raw" knowledge is conscious thought! It is no longer in an atom form. It is free, and it give a sense of consciousness!

So why is it conscious? Well, each subatomic particle was originally from a position of truth.

IT IS NATURAL for conscious particles to seek their position of truth within the singularity, from where they originate!

Each particle have a conscious knowledge where it slot into the position of truth. 

This position will equal the imagination of its position of knowledge!

The singularity is not only the truth, it is also a position of understanding where knowledge equal imagination!

Our souls store consciousness.

When we die, we create black holes, that will later act as vacuum cleaners, that extract subatomic consciousness from the atom matter( at the event horizon), and to stack it within its conscious understanding...

It will one day merge with other black-holes to form the truth!

The Theory of Good Housekeeping, suggest that the universe, will undo creation, because it's natural.

When this happen, our restless nature, would have found the peace, and truth, we had lost, because we all know that within ourselves is a little understanding, that we were all part and form all part, of a far greater understanding, and that that understanding is that the sum of all knowledge, contained  within one truth, and that all mysteries and other lies, will make up the sum of one truth. This position of total good housekeeping, is called the singularity, and our conscious minds, are ever busy to work towards returning.

Let us imagine, a place of understanding. Let us use that theory of big bang! let us use this theory, and twist it into a moment of understanding, not because it is unfair to use the ideas of others, but simply because it need to be understood within this theory.

Within imagination, we can ask ourselves, but how does each little "knowledge particle" know where it is supposed to fit within the singularity? Well, it have a knowledge of it, and it will find "this position", because it is an "unique position"

 Each "knowledge particle" cause the whole singularity to be in harmony.

 "a vibration that of perfection!" an understanding....or "the truth"

The universe soup, begin, because of this "perfect vibration". When all knowledge are within a perfect state of position, it shatter, like a crystal glass at a tone within a soprano's voice... everything vaporizes!

If the big bang happened at a greater speed than that of light, there might not had been enough time for the energy field around the singularity to collapse, and that dark matter was born...dark matter in the sense that it did not fuse together with the quarks, and therefore lack the power of consciousness.  This explain why dark matter seem to have a gravity power, but don"t interact with the conscious world.


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