Tuesday, April 23, 2013

the spectrum of thought

  • Our eyes see light within a spectrum of light.
  • Our ears hear sound within a spectrum of sound waves.
  • Our touch, feel heat and cold at its level of tolerance.
  • Our taste and smell work within its own parameters.
  • Our thought are limited to the boundaries of imagination.
Science restrict thought, to a process of belief.

a theory should embrace all possibilities, because one theory can overlap into another, and can only be viewed as a piece of a puzzle.

Its like building a house, where each person complete his/her bit.

The "theory of good housekeeping" embrace all possibilities. It is the container of what imagination allow.

Currently we are chasing the wind. Everyone have a theory. The more we think, the more we understand. This is what the truth consist of.

If all possibilities find its position within understanding, then the Good Housekeeping effect is complete.

Everything have a place, and will find its place.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

How the universe expand.

According to the "Good Housekeeping Theory" The "scattered universe" will repair itself by creating consciousness.

Unlike other theories, Good Housekeeping suggest, that every particle in the universe have a knowledge of where it fit into understanding.

The understanding is equal to the truth, and that there are no right or wrongs. Wrongs, are basically scattered pieces of a puzzle, and consciousness is a natural process to sort the pieces into knowledge and save it in a position of understanding. Evident why knowledge is always stored in a ever shrinking position of "safety" (books, floppy disks, memory sticks, hard drives, DNA, black hole, etc, until we get the singularity!)

This is why the good housekeeping theory differ from other theories, because it is not about matter, but rather about the extraction of knowledge from matter.

It suggest that particles of understanding "sub atomic particles" (perhaps quarks, electrons, protons, etc) is from this position of understanding ( a vast singularity of understanding, a storage of all truth...and that the universe has trapped this understanding within its dark matter, forming atoms, the building blocks of reality)

The universe expand, when there is perfect understanding. When everything is witthin complete harmony, and the perfect sound or frequency is generated!

We have  Big Bang!!! 

Did i mention, that the singularity, is surrounded by dark matter? Well if i did not, then view this as the truth, because "there are No matter within the singularity!" (only sub atomic quarks, or electrons or protons or whatever, i like to refer to it as knowledge alias understanding, alias singularity, alias the truth)

Anyhow, the big bang vaporise and push the dark matter away, at a tremendous force and pressure, and this fuse and mix these quarks, electrons, protons or whatever, I like to call it knowledge, into the dark matter, and thus creating the atom.

Knowledge has been entrained by a gravity that dark matter consist of. The atom particle have a consciousness of where it should retturn to, butit is now restricted to return to its original form, because it is fused to the gravity particle, and it have no way to escape.

The energy of the big bang, was also absorbed within these atom particle, evident is why , when we try to release the sub atomic particles, we get a energy release that can only be stored energy from the big bang itself!!!

Anyhow, i am trolling a little, but lets move back to why the universe expand.

When you take a baloon and blow it up, you need a big bang blow to set the expansion of the universe going.

When the original effort was done, you continue expanding the baloon with ever gentler and less effort, and thus the expanding baloon need less energy to expand, righT??


ok, so why does the universe accelerate, well, remember i told you that the singularity is surrounded with dark matter? yes!

This dark matter is pushed outwards, remember, not all of the dark matter mix with sub atomic matter, right? ok.
Well this outer rim of the universe is like a compressed tsunami wave of dark matter, increasing its gravitational pull every moment as it accumulate more and more dark matter. (like a snowball effect, right? yes.)

See this as a magnet, and see the atom matter being influenced by this magnet. also bear in min that the atom matter differ from dark matter, by having a power of consciousness, or a power that is entrained within or a will to seperate itself from the dark matter, like a water that will not mix with an oil, yet in this situation, it expand because it have a gravity pull, it cannot avoid expansion, and move with the flow.

To repair the singularity, these atoms have to create a consciousness to escape this everlasting expansion.

At the outer rim of the expansion, the problem is space. The space is distance, and it pose a problem for the pieces of the puzzle to find understanding. 

It is much easier for galaxies to form closer to where the singularity was, because there is not as much space created as what there is at the outer edges.

This mean that the inner circle of the universe had found a way, before we did, to extract the knowledge from the atom, and repairing understanding. Distance take time to travel. It is just natural. 

At the outer rims of the universe, consciousness atoms, drift towards one another, like you would rake leaves together, and then later take it to where it must go.

So black holes are generated, and you will find them always in the center of a galaxy (a heap of leaves), where atom matter is extracted from the dark matter, and this energy, although less than the big bang, is what is gently expanding the universe. like the baloon theory i told you earlier about.

So you can see there is a lot going on, and i am excited, because although i dont have all the answers of the universe, i am sure that i had discovered its container.

This imagination is the container of the universe. It is the tool that reach out towards all sub atomic particles, and it place them into understanding. we call it knowledge.

all knowledge make their way into the black hole/or create a black hole, and this monster of a galaxy devour atom matter, and put it into understanding, dark matter and energy!

are you with me?

yes, i can see a flicker of hope.

And to all the Christians out there, i just want to put them at ease, because, God had introduced our souls into this world. He had introduced Himself to us. Because there are only scattered puzzles to this universe, it all form part of a glorious greatness, and there are billions of universes out there, and God created us to become beautiful, to choose between good and evil. because this playing field is all about choice. All about your soul, and this soul is divine, it is not from the singularity. It is not part of what we will understand. It is other dimensional, and it is so important for God, because if God can care for all of this universe, just imagine, how special you are:) 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

how do we think.

We are all curios about how the universe started, but how does the big bang link up with thought?

If for instance, we could isolate our mind, and place it in complete darkness, what would it think?

I would say, it would long for light!

Can i therefore say, that there is a link between light, and thought?


Have you ever experienced how pleasant the warmth of sunlight can be on your skin, and how it can lift the spirit. This would be in contrast with darkness and cold?

Is it not so, that the brain need rest after exposure, of a day of sunlight?  Do we not take a rest to make sense of a day of sunlight?

can i not say that the sun influence my thoughts, and that the sun must nourish thought with some particles that stimulate the brain to be active. there must be a link between sunlight and thought. Our habitat orbit it, and we are the consciousness that witness and understand.

these particles that influence thought, must be subatomic, a radiation of some-kind, of which our thoughts can feed on. our body is the container of our brain, and it is in service of what we think!

our thought are therefore very important. It seem that this is the reason for being,

our thoughts.

so what does thought do? well, it create understanding, we call it knowledge!

so where do we get this knowledge from?

it seem we get it from the sun.

And the sun? why does the sun want to feed our brain?

it do so, because it have a mystery it want to solve.

the mystery is understanding.

is that what there was before the big bang?

yes! the universe created a consciousness to repair understanding:)

so, how do you think? would your thoughts be more or less complicated? would you expect something more, or something less realistic?

would the truth be something complex, or would it be a surprise?

i think the truth is whatever make sense. I think the truth is the complete puzzle. i think that everything we think, is a piece of the puzzle. i think that this is a piece, else why do we have it. or, should we keep this piece for last?:)

the truth is the singularity, the moment of understanding.

we are the ones that will complete the puzzle.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Quarks and other strange ways!

In nature there exist another side; another-side-of-the-coin. 

Some strangers, have a view on matter as the "alpha and omega" of science. They will force a hand into a jar, take some coin, and get stuck. All that need to be done is to open the hand, and slide it into understanding...

"enlightenment is the other side of the coin"

Matter can only be the dark side of enlightenment. It can only be the dead horse, that we kick and kick to make us to understand. 

Scientist had realized that the answer is far smaller than the basic building blocks of it all.

If we do not push the unknown, and probe its secrets with our imagination, then how can we understand?

I had pushed the "theory of good housekeeping", to understanding, and today a new meme had introduced itself. It is an exciting meme, and its creator have an observation....

It is called, the "flavors of understanding" I believe it is a right direction that we are taking, and we can stop kicking that horse.

We had kicked that horse into understanding, because we had "pumpkin chunked" it into a large hadron collider, and now we are looking up, down, charming; bottoms up!

"Strange way's here we come!"

welcome to the other side




Tuesday, April 16, 2013

what is dreams/sleep

Consciousness is a state of mind, that use the tool of imagination to reach out to meme, and to find possibilities of knowledge.

When we dream, we work the "meme" into "understanding", and we "decode meme into knowledge", and so "gain greater understanding", and thus "allowing more meme to come ito understanding."

Its like completing pieces of a puzzle:)

Monday, April 15, 2013

galaxy rotation

the theory of good housekeeping, is all about the singularity that repair itself into understanding.

Through billions of years, some understanding had evolved faster the closer it is to the center where the big bang occurred.

  • reason for this being: 
  • Distance is smaller for knowledge to travel into understanding closest to the "big bang ground zero", than what it would be at the outer edges of the expanding universe.
The singularity is within rotation of itself, and the "universe" rotates around it.

We cannot see it, but what we can witness the rotation of galaxies around its black hole. like a hurricane that twist because of the rotation of the earth!

If for example we witness the rotation of a hurricane, then we can say that there must be a force that cause its rotation. This fforce is the rotation of the earth around its axle.

We can therefore say, that although we cannot see the singularity, it must rotate around itself:)

the expanding universe- the fabric of things to come!

The good housekeeping theory has an explanation for why space expand. It is quite natural, come to think of it.

Picture this image, and understand the workings of this theory as follow:

  •  the center of the earth, is where "understanding" end up.
  • the area, between the "center" and "ozone" is space.
  • beyond the "ozone" is the massive tsunami wave of dark matter.

what happens is that as knowledge accumulate and form "understanding" it reduce itself ever smaller, as the singularity shrink itself towards its situation of repair.

This way it create space towards the singularity.

On the outer rim of the universe, or "the ozone side" the dark matter act as a magnet, and accelerate the atom matter towards it, creating space.

We cannot see dark matter. we cannot see "open or closed strings of understanding"  It seem to us as infinite... and therefore it seem like a fabric that stretch, and we don't know why:)

We can imagine why, but we cannot prove it:)

Monday, April 1, 2013

What is consciousness?

Consciousness is the product of evolution!  It is an acumelation of sub atomic particles extracted from atoms through the evolution of the mind!  Knowledge will equal imagination through a process of thought! Where thought probe reality to free sub atomic consciousness from atoms...to collect into libraries of consciousness or black holes! The gods of the universe!
"the theory of good housekeeping"