Tuesday, April 23, 2013

the spectrum of thought

  • Our eyes see light within a spectrum of light.
  • Our ears hear sound within a spectrum of sound waves.
  • Our touch, feel heat and cold at its level of tolerance.
  • Our taste and smell work within its own parameters.
  • Our thought are limited to the boundaries of imagination.
Science restrict thought, to a process of belief.

a theory should embrace all possibilities, because one theory can overlap into another, and can only be viewed as a piece of a puzzle.

Its like building a house, where each person complete his/her bit.

The "theory of good housekeeping" embrace all possibilities. It is the container of what imagination allow.

Currently we are chasing the wind. Everyone have a theory. The more we think, the more we understand. This is what the truth consist of.

If all possibilities find its position within understanding, then the Good Housekeeping effect is complete.

Everything have a place, and will find its place.