Monday, May 13, 2013

bend your mind around this.

It is a general conception that one can compare two things in such a way, that they are so common, that you can actually add them up, and convince your self that you have two of the same, or three or four etc.

who cannot count?

we have 10 fingers, so we count to 10. Should we had 12 fingers, we would probably count to 12. Come to think of it, 10 can only be divided by two and five. Twelve can be divided by 2,3,4 and 6

Buying a dozen buns divide better, right?

There is an infinite amount of decimals, between zero and one. When we count, we tend to decide to overlook infinity. We ignore the obvious, and we make things work for us.

The reason why there is an infinite amount of decimal, before and after the number we choose, is because "No two things can ever be the same!" 

in our universe there actually do not exist any numbers,  Numbers are phantoms of imagination. It cannot really represent anything correctly, because of one thing. That thing is space. no two things share the exact same position. to say that you have two of the same things, would be untrue

 a chessboard.have 64 positions of space. The game are played within these boarders.  not one of these positions share the same position in time. They are annotated to be different. a1 is not a2

 to say you have two a1's would mean that you have two chessboards, or two paralleled universes, because there can only be one a1 in this universe. So a chessboard represent a universe of its own. Our mind create play, so it is possible to play the game without a board or pieces for that matter, because the board and pieces, only represent that a game is in progress within a physical realm.

There are only one string of infinite numbers within a universe. nothing can be compared to another. "TWO" cannot represent  "two of the same", unless we refer to another paralleled universe.

numbers is like a spiral, it reach for infinity in such a way, that they never share the same position. between decimals, there is a constant space of its own understanding. This space represent the correct position, like annotation.

the same way we can play a game of chess without a board or pieces, the same way we can make music, without sound.

we bend the universe to make it as common as the reality we live. we improvise and understand our own creations, and then we want to bend our mind around this.