Thursday, July 4, 2013

a dark matter universe

What if the universe consisted of 100% dark matter.

 a Big Bang occurred and fused quantum knowledge and dark matter, creating an atom matter universe.

As knowledge is fused together with atom matter, it create a "good housekeeping theory" where all knowledge will find its position as the truth(singularity)

The process of evolution end up at creating a consciousness, that extract knowledge from atom matter, to create an event horizon that strip knowledge from atoms, and store it within a singularity.

This theory embrace all possibilities as all imagination originate from one singularity or truth.

The universe is a soup that stew itself into understanding.

Like a hard disk drive that defrag itself into a singularity.

In the process dark matter is released together with dark energy that expand the universe, at the same time it does not interfere with atom matter.

As all knowledge merge with other black holes, the dark universe will close unto itself, and all knowledge will become a singularity or one truth.

There will be a perfect vibration...a perfect frequency...the way a soprano pop a crystal glass....bigbang!

gravity like time, does not exist in this conscious undoing of creation.