Sunday, April 10, 2011

the truth to everything

We are all answer seeking creatures, feeding our minds with the vast knowledge that embrace the cosmos.

How about discovering a universal truth. An answer to every little wonder and mystery of the cosmo.

I had stumbled upon something that was overlooked in the oversight off finding the truth.

It embrace all the knowledge of this world, and I consider it as the container of everything we know and think.

The truth is the completed puzzle!

It consist of all the things that humans are made up...

Knowledge will always seek, and finding a way to repair the singularity, the same way one would scatter a puzzle and then it would put itself back together again, based on a single truth.

It is this truth that is overlooked!

This discovery has its own place within the universe, simply because it exist! There are no rights or wrongs. It is like a puzzle that cannot be wrong. It can only be scattered:)

The process of healing is as vast as the expansion of the cosmos, but there are forces putting it all back into understanding.

We have collective knowledge...and we feed on it, the Internet increasing this process...In a way you can say the Internet was created by meme to get a better understanding of all the pieces that is scattered within the cosmos..a massive puzzle.

the beauty of creation!