Tuesday, October 8, 2013


This temple has been described as being the oldest , or very first religion on earth..

It was erected before farming, domestication of animals, and during the hunter/gatherer evolutionary stage of humans.

Strange "T-shaped" mono-glyphs, with ordinary stones in between, positioned in circular forms-much older than any pyramid on earth.

Here is my explination.

There is a message for conscious understanding within theses mono-glyphs, and it depict the universal cycle of conscious understanding.

The statues is half human, with human like features. The features signal the container of consciousness, of which is contained in the "T-shaped" head. Meaning that consciousness are housed within a body that serve it, and that the temple give praise to consciousness.

The stones in between signal all other conscious elements of life, and that it is held together in a web of conscious awareness.

The intricate spirals connecting other/ similar temples, reveals a conscious connection of different spiral galaxies, and that within other galaxies, the very same conscious awareness are at work, bringing everything together in this universal awareness.

The fact that the temple was impossible to be erected by hunter gatherers, give recognition to the chosen ones, who resemble the mono-glyphs; that it is they who have conscious awareness, and that it is they, who gather and work the workings of the universe through conscious awareness.

If we understand this concept, we will understand ourselves, we will have knowledge that there are other conscious awareness out there, all over the universe, who are at work, the same way than what we are at work.

It is our work to gather knowledge, as to stack all understanding within a single position of truth. We give praise to the light that act as a wi-fi for conscious awareness to evolve, tho gather, and to stack, through death, our knowledge as part of a black hole, of which will merge with other black holes, to form the singularity, from which everything originate from.

The cycle of truth, and creation will repeat itself, and it is a natural cycle where all possibilities can only reveal one truth!

Where all probabilities are because of awareness.

If this is a lie, then it cannot be from this singularity. Then it don't fit into the truth of understanding, and then we must find a more complex imagination to discover the simple message at gobekli-tepe.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

a new take on pyramids

I can only imagine the reason for a pyramid to exist.

It is a structure that can only be created through conscious thought.

Nature cannot create a pyramid by chance.

a pyramid is the fruit of consciousness.

it is the music of matter. It is what matter would sound like, through observation.

If you want to prove that consciousness exist, then you create a pyramid.

It is a sign of humanity.

It is only humans that can shape matter in such a way, to signal that we are conscious of our surroundings.

We accept our universe, and we integrate with all that form part of this dimension.

It is also my belief that a pyramid signal a function of consciousness, and that there is a connection between consciousness and a pyramid.

Either it has to protect consciousness from harm, or to act as an instrument to fine tune conscious awareness...