Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The singular understanding

if you think about it, you might wonder how can everything be part of a single understanding.

You where born into this world, as a worker. your job is to collect understanding, and to place it into a single understanding. your view of things cannot be incorrect, because you cannot live reality as a lie.

you form your own views and it get shaped by influence and discovery.

when you die, you bring a greater understanding to the table of supreme understanding.

you become part of a greater understanding

the ultimate goal of creating consciousness, is to extract understanding that is caught up in the atom matter particles of the atom world.

by being conscious, we probe all aspects and unknowingly, we are designed to extract quantum particles from the habitat that allow us, to exist, and to "work" creation back into understanding, and "store" it in a position of truth.

Some call this position, the singularity.

The singularity is surrounded by a neutral force, that have no influence on it, because it cannot effect the truth.

but; when the truth radiate its own perfection, it generate such a perfect sound-wave, that it create a yes and a no! Yes for creation, and No for consciousness.

Consciousness is the tool of life that  "repair" the scattered pieces of this quantum understanding.

Gravity play no role in the reorganization of the universe. Scientists are beginning to see evidence where gravity have no effect on the atom world that seem to drift without harm, through the space of dark matter.

When you look at the theory of good housekeeping, it make sense that gravity have no understanding or position within the singularity.

your thoughts are free from gravity. this is how free the truth is from gravity.

the only reason why gravity play a role, is because gravity is what lock knowledge into a quantum enclosure.

The key that free quantum en-closer-ment is consciousness.

We should see who we are for real. What our purpose is, and what we do.

consciousness create black holes.

consciousness are at the forefront to change the shape of atom matter(not dark matter) and remove knowledge from it, thus creating understanding.

This knowledge gather at a black hole, or singularity, which will merge with other black holes to create the truth, from where the big bang originate.

This is why it might seem as if the universe did not start from a single point, why it expand, and basically any misconception that get created by gravity and time.