Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Quarks and other strange ways!

In nature there exist another side; another-side-of-the-coin. 

Some strangers, have a view on matter as the "alpha and omega" of science. They will force a hand into a jar, take some coin, and get stuck. All that need to be done is to open the hand, and slide it into understanding...

"enlightenment is the other side of the coin"

Matter can only be the dark side of enlightenment. It can only be the dead horse, that we kick and kick to make us to understand. 

Scientist had realized that the answer is far smaller than the basic building blocks of it all.

If we do not push the unknown, and probe its secrets with our imagination, then how can we understand?

I had pushed the "theory of good housekeeping", to understanding, and today a new meme had introduced itself. It is an exciting meme, and its creator have an observation....

It is called, the "flavors of understanding" I believe it is a right direction that we are taking, and we can stop kicking that horse.

We had kicked that horse into understanding, because we had "pumpkin chunked" it into a large hadron collider, and now we are looking up, down, charming; bottoms up!

"Strange way's here we come!"

welcome to the other side