Saturday, April 20, 2013

how do we think.

We are all curios about how the universe started, but how does the big bang link up with thought?

If for instance, we could isolate our mind, and place it in complete darkness, what would it think?

I would say, it would long for light!

Can i therefore say, that there is a link between light, and thought?


Have you ever experienced how pleasant the warmth of sunlight can be on your skin, and how it can lift the spirit. This would be in contrast with darkness and cold?

Is it not so, that the brain need rest after exposure, of a day of sunlight?  Do we not take a rest to make sense of a day of sunlight?

can i not say that the sun influence my thoughts, and that the sun must nourish thought with some particles that stimulate the brain to be active. there must be a link between sunlight and thought. Our habitat orbit it, and we are the consciousness that witness and understand.

these particles that influence thought, must be subatomic, a radiation of some-kind, of which our thoughts can feed on. our body is the container of our brain, and it is in service of what we think!

our thought are therefore very important. It seem that this is the reason for being,

our thoughts.

so what does thought do? well, it create understanding, we call it knowledge!

so where do we get this knowledge from?

it seem we get it from the sun.

And the sun? why does the sun want to feed our brain?

it do so, because it have a mystery it want to solve.

the mystery is understanding.

is that what there was before the big bang?

yes! the universe created a consciousness to repair understanding:)

so, how do you think? would your thoughts be more or less complicated? would you expect something more, or something less realistic?

would the truth be something complex, or would it be a surprise?

i think the truth is whatever make sense. I think the truth is the complete puzzle. i think that everything we think, is a piece of the puzzle. i think that this is a piece, else why do we have it. or, should we keep this piece for last?:)

the truth is the singularity, the moment of understanding.

we are the ones that will complete the puzzle.