Monday, April 15, 2013

galaxy rotation

the theory of good housekeeping, is all about the singularity that repair itself into understanding.

Through billions of years, some understanding had evolved faster the closer it is to the center where the big bang occurred.

  • reason for this being: 
  • Distance is smaller for knowledge to travel into understanding closest to the "big bang ground zero", than what it would be at the outer edges of the expanding universe.
The singularity is within rotation of itself, and the "universe" rotates around it.

We cannot see it, but what we can witness the rotation of galaxies around its black hole. like a hurricane that twist because of the rotation of the earth!

If for example we witness the rotation of a hurricane, then we can say that there must be a force that cause its rotation. This fforce is the rotation of the earth around its axle.

We can therefore say, that although we cannot see the singularity, it must rotate around itself:)