Monday, April 15, 2013

the expanding universe- the fabric of things to come!

The good housekeeping theory has an explanation for why space expand. It is quite natural, come to think of it.

Picture this image, and understand the workings of this theory as follow:

  •  the center of the earth, is where "understanding" end up.
  • the area, between the "center" and "ozone" is space.
  • beyond the "ozone" is the massive tsunami wave of dark matter.

what happens is that as knowledge accumulate and form "understanding" it reduce itself ever smaller, as the singularity shrink itself towards its situation of repair.

This way it create space towards the singularity.

On the outer rim of the universe, or "the ozone side" the dark matter act as a magnet, and accelerate the atom matter towards it, creating space.

We cannot see dark matter. we cannot see "open or closed strings of understanding"  It seem to us as infinite... and therefore it seem like a fabric that stretch, and we don't know why:)

We can imagine why, but we cannot prove it:)