Thursday, January 9, 2014

Body, mind and soul

For you to "think" you need to know.

Let me explain the workings of what  imagination allow.

Meditation is the absence of knowledge.

When we meditate, we clear our mind of everything that are known, where known mean knowledge.

We place our selves in a position of conscious acceptance. We open ourselves to whatever the universe wish to introduce to us. We reset our minds, we give our thought a well deserved rest from all input.

When we meditate, we give expression to consciousness. We can enjoy a moment with the universe.

Thought play no role during meditation, because there is nothing to think about.

The moment the universe introduce a meme, we receive a piece of a puzzle. This puzzle piece, is a string of imagination, and it become the foundation for what is possible.

To make sense of this piece, our brain try to think it into understanding. If it cant recognize its position of understanding, then it will keep it within its memory bank. It will stay aware of it, and will think it into another puzzle piece that might present itself in the future. These puzzle pieces i call meme.

This process of receiving puzzle pieces from the universe is a continuous process.

When we sleep, these inputs gets sorted, and when we awake, we find that things that did not make sense the previous day, make better sense today.

When these pieces start making sense, we refer to it as knowledge. We write books about it. We educate other minds so that they can build onto this library of truth.

When the library become to big, we try to reduce its size by compacting it into smaller and smaller storage area's.

The ultimate storage containers is going smaller, basically into the opposite direction than what the universe would expand into. It would go as small as consciously possible, and if that possibility is a singularity, then it will!

Lets look at what a possibility is. a possibility is a likelihood, that it would be true, if it can be imagined.  -or we can say that if we can imagine that there is a possibility that knowledge can be stored within a singularity, then we can say that the singularity is knowledge.

This imagination, can then be tagged, and referred to as a theory. In this case, i called it "the theory of good housekeeping!"

Good housekeeping has to do with everything that have a position of safety, and therefore it should be at that position - always.

I use it to describe that every atom in the universe is made of building-blocks. Theses building-blocks have a position of understanding within the singularity. They good housekeep within the singularity.

within the heading, i refer to body, mind and soul.

The body, is the singularity, consciousness, knowledge the universe, paralleled universes, atoms, photons

the mind, is consciousness, thought, imagination, knowledge, black holes, "the brain as a function of the universe"(the link between the universe, and the singularity)

the soul, as being accountable, wisdom, enlightenment, intervention, belief, love, hate, choice, divine(the soul being a gift from God, placed within the body of consciousness)

The universe as a concept that spawn greater levels of consciousness in order to repair the singularity, or truth.
Where knowledge are equal to imagination, where space and time don't exist. a position of perfect meditation.