Saturday, December 10, 2011

the relevance of life

on its own, the value of a pawn is one!

but as it is moves through space, its value increase...

a pawn, poisoned at a7! (is more worth, than where it started at a2)

our life is just as relevant to this example.

we are born, humbled and without value. but as we move through the opportunities of life, we are changed!

our value increase by the amount of hardship that rub off against us.

we become celestial beings who travel through time, and we gather the wisdom that God show us, through the opportunities of hardship.

the lesson of life is this:

live the moment! live the present! live for now! use this opportunity! let it show you its message...let it fill your understanding.

once God had shown you, then you will question, or you will find that your puzzle can complete a lost portion, of the plan that God had set out to you.

you are not just a pawn, but you become empowered by the lessons of life, and your purpose is to hold the line, that God had trusted you with.

the fight against evil, is hold back by the position. you must stand strong! God had placed you here, and whenever you feel weak, you must ask God to give you strength, and He will change the position. He will support your cause, so that you have hope, to stand ever stronger.

it is the relevance of life.